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“After carefully considering both candidates for 1st District Supervisor, I believe Suzanne Truchard is the best choice to address the many challenges facing Napa County in the years ahead. She's raising a family in Napa, is a business professional working here, is connected to our community, and will bring a fresh and positive energy to the important work ahead to create a brighter future for our community.”
- Ryan Gregory, 3rd Generation Napa Resident and Chair or the Napa County Board of Supervisors

“As a leader in the protection of our Agricultural Preserve since the 1980's, I am impressed with Suzanne's environmental ethos and commitment to caring for the landscape and Napa County's incredible natural environment. She is a mother of two young children, and I know she is committed to safeguarding our beautiful county's natural and agricultural resources. She knows that 'when it's gone, it's gone forever'.”
- Diane Dillon, Napa County Supervisor

“We need Suzanne Truchard's leadership on critical traffic, transportation, and other quality-of-life issues. Suzanne's partnership and leadership at the county on these and other issues will be a tremendous asset to Napans and our community.”
- Bill Dodd, State Senator and former Napa County Supervisor

“For years now, I’ve seen Suzanne Truchard be active and engaged in our community through civic groups, non-profit leadership positions and civic engagement with the Latinx community. She offers a fresh perspective and will provide the bold leadership we need for the future of Napa County. Suzanne’s earned my support and endorsement for 1st District Supervisor.”
- Jill Techel, former Mayor of Napa

“I see in Suzanne Truchard many of the same traits I saw in myself when I decided to run for public office: a parent raising young children concerned about the future and our next generation, a Latinx community member with humble beginnings who always works hard to achieve their goals, and a change-maker who is eager to make a difference in the community we all love. I’m confident Suzanne will make a positive difference and make Napa County proud on the Board of Supervisors.”
- Bernie Narvaez, Napa City Councilmember

“Suzanne Truchard has been a longtime friend, colleague and someone I can count on to get involved and make a difference in our community. She has an inspiring story, has given back through non-profit and community service work, and is ready to take her passion and commitment to service to the next level as our next representative on the Board of Supervisors.”
- Mary Luros, Vice Mayor of Napa

“Suzanne Truchard is the best candidate for District 1 Supervisor. She truly understands the needs of farmers and growers and is a true advocate for open space and natural resource protection. She deserves your vote in June.”
- Johnnie White, Immediate Past President, Napa County Farm Bureau

“I’ve known Suzanne Truchard for many years as both a friend and regular at my Southside Carneros Cafe here in the 1st District. Suzanne is someone who thinks intelligently about issues, and is an action-oriented person who is always looking at how challenges can be solved or improved upon. She is actively involved in our community, and is someone I know will be both approachable and intellectual regardless of who she’s speaking to. Suzanne provides the skill set we need on the Board of Supervisors.”
- Irma Robinson, Napa (Carneros area) Business Owner

“Suzanne and her family are big supporters of local business, and do whatever they can to support our livelihoods. For as long as I’ve known Suzanne Truchard, I know her to be someone who will check on you, see if you need anything, and do her part to help and support mom-and-pop businesses like mine. As county supervisor, I’m confident Suzanne will provide the same accessible, hospitable approach we need from local government leaders. She is the right leader at the right time for Napa County.”
- Yusuf Topal, Downtown Napa Business Owner

“Suzanne Truchard represents the next generation of leadership in Napa County. She is active in our community while raising a family and seeking to make a difference to ensure a brighter future for our community and our residents. I know Suzanne will provide a fresh perspective and new path forward for the betterment of Napa County."
- Dalia Ceja, Napa Native, Mexican-American Vintner, and Entrepreneur

“Suzanne Truchard balances the experience, leadership, and persona we need for the future of Napa County. She is smart, thoughtful, and willing to ask the tough questions, aiming to preserve and improve our quality of life for long-time residents and young families alike. As the only candidate in this race actively raising two children in our community, I know her decisions will be guided with the future of our community close to heart.”
- Sharon Rands, Napa Resident

“Suzanne Besú Truchard is an exceptional individual. Her fresh ideas and bold leadership style is exactly what we need in our leaders today. Join me in supporting Suzanne for Napa County Supervisor.”
- Fiona Ma, California State Treasurer and Democratic Leader

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Napa Chamber of Commerce
Napa County Farm Bureau
Napa County Taxpayers Association
North Bay Leadership Council
North Bay Association of Realtors (NorBAR)
Winegrowers of Napa County
California State Treasurer Fiona Ma
California State Senate Majority Leader Emeritus Bob Hertzberg
State Senator Bill Dodd
Napa County Supervisor Diane Dillon
Napa County Supervisor Ryan Gregory
Napa Mayor Emeritus Jill Techel
Napa Vice Mayor Mary Luros
Napa City Councilmember Bernie Narvaez
Napa City Councilmember Beth Painter
Napa City Planning Commissioner Gordon Huether
Napa City Planning Commissioner Ricky Hurtado

Yountville Mayor John F. Dunbar
Former State Senator and California Democratic Party Chair Art Torres
Former State Senator and Superior Court Judge Quentin Kopp
Former Napa County Sheriff John Robertson
Former Napa County District Attorney Gary Lieberstein
Former Napa County Planning Commissioner Mike Basayne
Former Napa County Planning Commissioner Jeri Hansen
Former Napa County Planning Commissioner Terry Scott
Former Napa Valley Unified School Board Trustee Jose Hurtado
Lindsey Albrecht
Mark Albrecht
Kale Anderson
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Aubrey Bailey
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